Kora Radella is on the dance faculty at Kenyon College where she teaches all levels of contemporary movement practice, contact improvisation, choreography lab, and yoga. She is available to teach master classes and workshops as well as to create commissioned works. She has taught master classes and workshops at Indiana University, Oberlin College, Kent State University, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, University of Georgia, Ball State University, The Watermill Center in the Hamptons, the Somatic Center in Cleveland, through ACDA at George Washington University, the University of Akron, Ohio University, Grand Valley State, and through OhioDance at Playhouse Square (Cleveland), and Ohio State University (partial listing). She has taught in Amsterdam, Brussels, and Basel in the past as well as at Lake Studios Berlin and tragantdansa in Barcelona.

CONTACT me about master classes, workshops, commissions, and residencies via kora.radella@gmail.com

I can work with you on fitting the needs of your program and/or group.

Upcoming teaching

Fall 2019 courses at Kenyon College: Contact Improvisation, Riding Resilience movement practice

Saturday, November 9, 10:30 AM, RIDING RESILIENCE class

Pilgrim Congregational Church, 2592 West 14th Street, Cleveland, OH 44113

Recent teaching

October 11 - 12: Master class and taught at the Virginia Dance Improvisation Festival, Shenandoah University, Winchester, Virginia

March 23 & 24: Barcelona, Spain


November 9: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in DRK studio

September 24: The Hamptons, NY at The Watermill Center and the Hampton Bays Community Center

Examples of Classes I teach:

Riding Resilience

The movement research of riding resilience demands athleticism and verve, as well as honoring attention to detail. There will be lively investigations that utilize strength and release to create physical necessity and follow-through in our movements. Full-throttle motion via momentum- based phrases will nurture both disorientation and point-on-precision. Movers will experience the delightful nuances and the empowerment of moving on the edge of control!

Contact Improvisation and Alternative Partnering

This workshop will focus on partnering and duet work. Utilizing skills from contact improvisation and athletics, participants will research duet work that comes from physical necessity v.s. decorative posturing.  We will hone in on ways to work with a partner that challenges them physically while offering attention that chisels away at artifice and discovers primal human interactions that require active listening and empathy.

Movement for All Ages, From Kids to Senior Citizens

Kora Radella can create movement experiences that ignite a genuine passion for moving, accommodating all levels of experience. She has extensive experience teaching and working with children, teenagers, college students, and the elderly. Radella has a certification in gerontology.

Yoga on the mat and beyond the mat

Radella is a certified yoga teacher (500 RYT) and can offer yoga classes for all levels as well as dance courses focused on integrating dance and yoga.


This workshop will guide participants in the assimilation and deployment of their inner resources to explore movement invention that reflects and challenges each person’s movement history.  This material will be integrated with explorations of how to be a fully present, live body. Participants will be further guided in the creation of solo works that both honor their backgrounds and stretch them beyond their comfort zones. Working towards physical necessity and making motion matter through subjecting oneself to precarious balances via momentum and three-dimensional disorientation, the participants will discover a mix of full physicality and sensitivity that is essential to Radella’s work.

Working with Text

Generating text and movement will be approached through a variety of techniques that allow for the exfoliation of creative possibilities for both verbal and nonverbal communication. Strategies for creation, as well as editing, will be key in this workshop.  For this workshop, it is possible to include Chris Siebert, a Cleveland-based theatre artist. Seibert and Radella have an evening-length work they perform entitled Reckoning.

Working with Music

A workshop or master classes in tandem with composer/saxophonist Ross Feller can cover Improvising with live musicians, collaborating with composers and musicians, movement for musicians, sound for movement artists, and a number of other strategies to this combination.

Lecture-Demonstrations with Dialogue

Lecture demonstrations are customized according to audience and location. Radella can share choreographic excerpts, discuss her movement research, shed light on her creation process, and expound upon how she collaborates with composers, musicians, theatre artists, and visual artists.


Radella can

  • custom design a program to work with a diverse array of people and within alternative spaces.

  • be commissioned to make new works

  • set works on companies and individual performers.

  • be accommodated and housed while creating new work with performers she brings in, as well as teaching classes and sharing the creative process through showings and feedback sessions.


July 2015: week-long workshop at TragantDansa in Barcelona taught by Kora Radella

Photograph of Radella leading her monkey and tree exercise

“I very much enjoyed the workshop with Kora Radella. It threw me into places, both physical and mental, where I usually don’t work. It inspired my artistic work and it was exactly what I was looking for.” - Henriett from the Barcelona workshop

January, 2016 BOOMERANG Workshop with Head Start at The Watermill Center

Kora teaching at Watermill 2016.jpg

September, 2018 in the Hamptons, New York:

Morning Workshop for Women at The Watermill Center - “Empowerment through Community”
"Kora Radella is an inventive and gifted dance educator. Whether crafting a workshop for young children and their parents to joyfully collaborate, or for senior citizens to turn their life experiences into a collective choreography, Kora encourages students to discover and connect through movement.  She invites playful awareness and curiosity to the way individual bodies move and relate. Participants leave with a new understanding of dance and their relationships transformed." - Andrea Cote, Education Program Coordinator at The Watermill Center

Afternoon Workshop at the Hamptons Bay Senior Center - “Archiving a Life”

“Kora’s ease with us Seniors, and her sharing her own experiences, made us virtually jump in with our own journeys. Her perception of our moves while we each shared a story, mirrored back to us movement we may have been unaware of. What a rich feeling! Mining our memories and our brains, Kora provided us with the choice of moving in space or dancing in our chairs.  Wishing we had more time: time to remember and move through more decades of our lives. Keep celebrating with Seniors, Kora!” - Hampton Bays Senior Center workshop participant Ann Coppola.